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After about a year ago successfully launched the Canon EOS 500D, Canon back in 2010 it launched a new camera for entry-level class through the type of Canon EOS 550D. Judging from the code, the EOS 550D is the successor of the EOS 500D. Any changes brought by the EOS 550D is this? What new features are embedded in the camera is Canon's entry-level DSLR this? Canon EOS 550D still has a physical appearance similar to previous series (like the 450D and 500D). But there are few minor differences in body indentations are now more rounded. The laying of the buttons around the camera body is also still the same as the previous series.

What is different is the form of buttons that surround the LCD screen on the back has become more square, not round anymore like the previous series. Knob is set shooting modes remain in the upper right, adjacent to the button to set the ISO and the shutter button. Because the camera is positioned as entry-level class DSLR, Canon EOS 550D features a compact body size. For those of you who have hands large, this camera may be less comfortable because his grip is not big enough. But for most people, the size of the grip that this camera has been quite comfortable. When held too, this grip does not feel slippery because of the presence of the rubber layer covering it.

Peered into the back, there is a viewfinder mirror that size is not too big. This viewfinder has magnification of 0.87 x and covers about 95% of the actual frame. Below the viewfinder there is an LCD screen that allows you to display the shooting parameters, see the captured image, or display the object in the live-view mode. Well, it uses the LCD screen is one of the changes made by Canon. Section 3-inch screen size is to use 3:2 aspect ratio, in contrast to previous models that still use the 4:3 ratio. By using a ratio of 3:2, the displayed image will fill the entire screen in accordance with the format photographs are also 3:2.
Canon EOS 550D is equipped with a new CMOS sensor is capable of producing images with resolution up to 18 mega pixels. APS-C sized sensor is also supported by Canon's unique image processor that is DIGIC 4. While in terms of shooting speed, the EOS 550D has a speed similar to its predecessor, which is about 3.5 frames per second, either in RAW or JPEG mode. This camera has a broad ISO range from ISO 100 to ISO 6400 with multiples of every single stop. In addition, there is also an ISO expansion up to an even higher stop until the equivalent of ISO 12,800. In terms of support for the lens, the Canon EOS 550D is claimed to be compatible with all Canon EOS system of lenses, both EF and EF-S. In addition, this camera is also compatible with lenses from third-party brands that make a lens with Canon mount. But keep in mind that, because this camera uses APS-C sensor, there is a multiplier factor of 1.6 x. focus range

We would feel comfortable using this camera. The process is fairly quick, starting from when the camera is turned on until the camera is ready to take pictures. Everything is completed in just seconds. The picture is also fairly good, including the performance at high ISO. In our opinion, the images at ISO 3200 still includes net from the noise. New noise began to appear at ISO 6400 but has not been so disturbing. At ISO 12 800, the noise has been felt quite disturbing and only suitable for use in emergency situations. Looking at the features and capabilities it possesses, Canon EOS 550D is one of the entry-level digital SLR camera that performed very well. This camera is suitable for all circles, both novice users or advanced users who want a compact digital SLR camera capable of good.

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wow, this camera really cool, i like it ..

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Ima Robiah on 7 April 2011 19.58 mengatakan...

fantastik CANON EOS 550D

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