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Lenovo IdeaPad U260

The first time you view it, This notebook is quite different to all of Lenovo notebooks ever released by Lenovo. Have a super slim body really very beautiful. Wrapped 'rubber' mocha brown, flat body without battery bulge. Nice and soft touch. Wrap touched her skin nice so we do not need a tissue to clean the fingerprint impressions. Since it is not going to stick to trace anything in the Board notebook. A glimpse of view, the Lenovo IdeaPad U260 resemble a map folder. No wonder if this notebook feels light when portable. Since the two aspects that the Lenovo IdeaPad U260 is categorized as a ultraportabel. 

With a body thickness of 1.7 cm. When coupled with the 'foot' the rubber thickness is increased by about 0.5 cm. There are four rubber feet, two near the hinge that is higher than near the palmrest. Rubber legs are necessary to prop up the notebook body to not directly attached to the surface of the table. Thanks to the presence of the rubber feet, rather terungkit IdeaPad position, so that there is a little below the body cavity. Cavity is important for air flow and heat release for the notebook from overheating. Therefore, it is advisable to assume this notebook without the 'mat' as a portable computer table. When compared to the average netbook, the IdeaPad U260 weighs not less light. IdeaPad U260, complete with a battery, making the scale move to number only 1.354 kg. Naturally very mild. Coupled with the adapter and cord, we will only burdened 0.3 kg. 

Let's look around this super-thin notebook accessories. We start from the right side. What's it there? We start from the back to front. Well there lined up DC-in jack, one VGA port, one LAN port, one HDMI port and one USB 2.0 port. If we look next to the left will be seen looking for Kensington Lock hole, one USB 2.0 port, headphone jack, and switch the wireless features (Bluetooth). In front of the wireless switch is closed it looks a slot that can not be opened. Looks like it is an ExpressCard slot. that judging from behind like this, the IdeaPad U260 does not seem to have a thickness. Because it is visible is the hinge directly. 
What about the bottom? There are a lot of screws, to be exact 13. This is an indication that the hard notebook case is opened, let alone the kind of 'development' in the unusual structure and fixings bolts. For the laying of the battery put into this unit is something that is less enjoyable because it will be inconvenient if there is damage, but it is this price to be paid to a super-thin notebook. All other super-slim notebooks is always embed the battery into the notebook chassis. IdeaPad U260 embedded battery means that we will always take this notebook anywhere to move. So we do not know the capacity of the battery. 

IdeaPad U260 looks wide screen. Dimensions 12.5 ", only slightly less than non-ultraportabel notebook 13.3". In a wide screen with 1366 × 768 it, PCplus enjoy HD video clip shows pretty well. Images look bright and flowing smoothly. Icons were apparent. And because the antiglare screen, the shadow does not interfere with the display on the screen. Reflection of the shadow is coming from a shiny black frame surrounding the screen. Glossy frame was also leaving the screen fingerprint impressions holders. when examined closely, we will see two small dots flanking the larger circle in the exact center of the screen frame. Circles that are webcams, while the two flanking points is a dual-array microphone. Webcams its 0.3 megapixel resolution and include supporting software, Cyberlink YouCam. 

IdeaPad U260 chiclet-style keyboard. The lower end of each of the keys slightly rounded. Tuts-tutsnya comfortable suppressed, as expected from a big name Lenovo. Under the present keyboard panel rectangle with patterned black field boxes fine. This is the touchpad-based multi-touch glass. So we can now hover smoothly. Responsive! Below the touchpad there are two areas of metal, each one representing the left and right click the mouse. It was also responsive. Above the keyboard panel, we will see an on / off button with white LED on the left side. Seven other white LEDs lined up along the same panel, reinforcing the impression of an elegant but simple ultraportabel. Near the hinge left and right, we'll see small holes to form a rectangle. That stereo speakers, the sound quality is not too special.

Like all Lenovo products, IdeaPad U260 is equipped with a number of software pre-installed. Lenovo Security Suite, DirectShare Lenovo, Lenovo VeriFace 3.5, OneKey Rescue, McAfee antivirus software and Energy Management has been embedded. Features APS (auto shock protection) which protect the hard disk from unexpected shocks were installed. So if the shock is detected when the notebook is in use, the head of the hard disk will be parked in order to minimize loss of data. Lenovo DirectShare its fun. Its function is to synchronize all files and data between computer and USB flash disk that is included in a local network. Not difficult to wear. Install this software, then give the password, and PCplus can immediately begin synchronizing data via LAN or wireless (Wi-Fi, ad hoc) with other computers that have been fitted DirectShare Server. One more, Lenovo Dock Smile pair that can be launched by clicking the icon on the desktop smile. From the dock, we can search Google or check the weather forecast.

Performance Lenovo IdeaPad U260

In the Balanced (setting provided Lenovo), the embedded battery of unknown capacity was invited to hold the job 2 hours 56 minutes. As can be seen from the results of benchmark tests that PCplus do, when playing high definition video (HD), the battery lasted 1 hour 51 minutes 30 seconds. But if used only for typing, battery life could breathe up to 2 hours longer so that a total of 3 hours 51 minutes. Fortunately, recharging the battery is not too demanding, or about the same durability. As mentioned earlier, the display on the screen 12.5 "on the IdeaPad U260 is quite comfortable to view. HD video stream to flow smoothly, not jerky. Used to play the game okay only. Just need to remember, because integrated graphics are used instead of discrete graphics, it is less suitable ultraportabel gaming heavyweight. This is reinforced by the 3DMark score obtained. Multimedia enjoyment here already supported two stereo speakers mounted in the panel above the keyboard. To measure ultraportabel, speaker sound quality is pretty good. But of course more is recommended to use headphones plugged into the headphone port on the left side ultraportabel. 

When compared to other Lenovo notebooks ultraportabel, Lenovo IdeaPad U460 is sailing 14 ", the performance of the Lenovo IdeaPad U260 12.5-screen" is less prominent. But remember, even though supported by 4GB of memory, processor Lenovo IdeaPad U260 is not as high as the other. Just look at the type, U470 1.33 GHz, which is devoted ultraportabel notebook. Because it is quite reasonable if the response does not selincah IdeaPad U460. But as a ultraportabel notebook, the Lenovo IdeaPad U260 still really fun. He is an elegant, thin, lightweight, portable and capable of supporting day-to-day computing tasks

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