Kamis, 14 April 2011

A Very Unique Projector Dell M109S

If you think a portable projector at this time is quite slim compared to the conventional model, you need to see this product. You will be amazed to see the size of the output projector Dell M109S this series. Unlike other products, only the size of an adult hand. Dell M109S offers customized features with its small. Dell M109S DLP technology rely and Brilliant Color. This technology uses millions of micro mirrors to produce quality images and vivid colors.

Supporting a native resolution of 858x600 pixels, we can make this up to the level of 1024x700 pixels. There is also a touch panel at the top to enable some menu functions. Is a bit unfortunate, the touch pad is less responsive when pressed. With the inclusion of the internal speaker does not mean you rely only sound from the source presentation.

But what about performance? Most felt that the level of intensity (only 50 ANSI Lumens). Therefore, the Dell M109S should be used in a really dark room to get a brighter image. In addition, there are also interference with the extension cable 30-pin multi-supplied input. Size that can be spelled out precisely responsibility makes it a little "complicated". If allowed a little imagination, this device will certainly have a higher mobility if it could use a battery.

For those who often make presentations at various places, will be able to take advantage of this mini projector. Form a small and light weight would be an easy thing. This is supported by a more efficient use of resources. With the various limitations of performance, the Dell M109S fortunately still offers other unique advantages.

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