Minggu, 10 April 2011

Asus notebook series U43Jc Bamboo Series

While many notebooks come with metal and plastic materials, this series tries to remind us of nature by incorporating natural elements are more alive. If you've ever noticed the car's interior luxury, consider the dashboardnya. Usually this section using wood materials for a natural look as well as elegant. Well, touch wood is also manifested in the new Asus notebook series U43Jc included in the Bamboo series. In this case bamboo material used to cover and palmrest (back of the hand) which makes this notebook a unique look. Asus presents itself unreasonable Bamboo notebook range to reduce the use of plastic materials in notebooks that are often difficult to disentangle by nature. This step is commendable as an important breakthrough in supporting the preservation of nature.

Although designed with the look of a friendly, U43Jc was prepared to work quite fierce. Because the computer classroom is equipped with the latest Core i7 processor. Especially when this is attempted using the Intel Core i7-M620 plus 4 GB of DDR3 memory is pretty fast to run the computing activity. But he uses no batteries for fast running out of resources, technology diimplementasikanlah Super Hybrid Engine (SHE). This will determine the appropriate level of power consumption required activity. While working full-power will be provided with optimal. But if the condition is unused CPU (idle), the power consumption be reduced. This is similar to Optimus technology from nVidia that govern work assignments onboard graphics (Intel GMA HD is more calm) and a separate graphics chip (GeForce 310M more powerful) automatically.

Facilities at Bamboo U43Jc itself fairly well balanced, with a HDMI port to replace the absence of FireWire ports. The USB port was only 3 pieces, but one of them already bertekenologi USB 3.0 (colored blue for a faster connection). As with other Asus models, features Instant-On for entertainment and Internet activity via Express Gate Cloud Express system remains available. This is suitable for you who want to open a browser with immediately or just play online games without having to go into the operating system. The use of bamboo not only makes Asus U43JC look unique, but also more friendly to nature. Performance and sailing facilities notebook 14 "is also satisfactory. But all these advantages must be redeemed at more than U.S. $ 1000.

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