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Samsung HMX-T10WP, Camcoder

When other similar products loaded with features, this camcorder is one more feature comfort factor. Anyone who ever record a video using the camcorder it will feel if the weight is one factor that often lead to trouble. "Suffering" increases when you have to record video with the monotony of holding the position until the cause of fatigue in the hand and shoulder. Now, with this background Samsung tried to give a solution through one of a series mini camcorders, HMX-T10WP.

What is behind the calls is very convenient camcorder?

The first course of its weight is only 220 grams, very light compared to similar handheld camcorder. Camcorder light caused by a lack of internal data storage components so that the user must use an SD memory card (external) to store photos and video.

Second, HMX-T10WP lens design made with a slightly upward direction of view or look up about 20 degrees. This is so that your hands do not have to always uphold the camcorder to record subjects taken at the front. Things like this may seem trivial but Samsung is sharp in comfort.

With the support of record full-HD (1920x1080 pixel), HMX-T10WP suitable for you who want to try HD on LCD TV sensation. In this regard instil Samsung CMOS sensor called BSI (Back Side Illuminated) who claimed to have the ability to image receiving more than twice as sensitive for the video appear brighter sera noise while minimizing distortion. But throughout the trial, this feature is less effective in dim light conditions or on recordings that are too shook though system stabilizer (OIS) is active.

Besides as a camcorder, the device is worth Rp 5 million is also a digital camera with a maximum resolution of 4.7 megapixels. With a piece SDHC 8GB capacity you can record full-HD video 74 minutes (Fine quality) or storing 7541 images with a resolution of 4.7 megapixels (2880x1620 pixels).

Battery capacity of 1250mAh Li-ion is already sufficient but would feel less if you have to record up to more than 2 hours. Perhaps because this is the reason to save power on the camcorder does not include the internal lights or flash lights to photograph, as a result the quality of the recording in the afternoon or evening will look less lighting.

The experience of recording with HMX-T10WP deep impression on convenience. Minicam was light wear, no wasteful batteries, as well as offering attractive range of functions or Smart Auto Touchpoint practical. Also convenient to use the touchscreen navigation. Unfortunately for the image quality, the result is still noticeably less sharp and again the results seem less smooth video. Camcorder like this seems more suited to video record the activities of almost instantaneous and easy

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